Absence Update

WOW you guys - time flies. And it sure knows how to get away from you. It's been a while since I posted, so what's new. Well, my little miracle dude turned ONE! The emotions that went along with that were enough to keep me locked in my head. The thing about anxiety is when… Continue reading Absence Update


Trigger warning: Intrusive thoughts and discussion of suicidal thoughts. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, please text 'HOME' to 741741 and chat with a crisis counselor. Credit: Facebook Today you're getting a bonus post. It's been a particularly rough few days. I'm learning as a new mom that my clueless-ness is a new trigger for… Continue reading Anxiety

The Bump, The Glow, and The Baby – Part 5

A week goes by and I realize I hadn't gotten the results from my pap. I'd never dealt with an abnormal one, so I thought nothing of it. I decided to call just to be certain. "Doctor would like you to come in for a cervical biopsy because your test was abnormal." Full stop. What… Continue reading The Bump, The Glow, and The Baby – Part 5

Back to School

YOU. GUYS. FULL START. THIS MAMA IS GOING BACK TO SCHOOL! After IVF and postpartum depression, I emerged from my depression with a new-found purpose: helping others who are going through what I've gone through. Today I'm one step closer to that dream! I'm so excited! I was accepted into the Bachelor of Science Psychology… Continue reading Back to School

The Bump, The Glow, and The Baby – Part 1

Trigger warning - infertility, IVF, cycle failure. One of the main reasons I wanted to start this blog was to share my story. The hard part is.. there's a few dozen places I could start. But the most important part lately was postpartum depression. Rewind to 2015. Specifically.. April 2015. My fiance and I were due to be wed in just… Continue reading The Bump, The Glow, and The Baby – Part 1