In my blog I discuss (or will discuss, in due time) topics surrounding infertility and mental illness. Below are some resources for those struggling with mental illness and conception.


If you are seeking support for infertility, I recommend putting together a strong support system. Who and what that system looks like varies for every person. For me, that was a therapist, a good doctor, and a tribe of other women going through the exact same thing. I highly recommend checking out RESOLVE: The National Fertility Association. I also recommend Infertility Education to learn more about various causes of infertility. The best advocate for your health is a well-informed ‘You’.

Mental Illness

If you are struggling with mental illness, please do not suffer alone, as you are important; You are not alone. Please visit NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness or text ‘HOME’ to 741741 for the Crisis Hotline. You are important and valued.