Absence Update

WOW you guys – time flies. And it sure knows how to get away from you.

It’s been a while since I posted, so what’s new. Well, my little miracle dude turned ONE! The emotions that went along with that were enough to keep me locked in my head. The thing about anxiety is when you dive into that rabbit hole, time speeds up. It’s not unusual for me to lose track of time during stressful or emotionally charged seasons.

But in this case, it was emotions. So many of them. One side effect of writing this blog that I could not have seen coming, was triggering emotions that I’d long since buried from the entire process of IVF. With little R turning one, the memories and emotions – both happy and traumatic – of his birth had also come up. I was not expecting to deal with any of them, but I’ll be going into that soon enough.

We were also sick! And watching your babies suffer, especially when they can’t tell you what’s wrong – is the worst. But the good news is we kicked that stomach virus’ ass and we’re all good. 🙂

So, be on the look-out for more posts, I’m back!

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