Hey guys! I have two followers already, hot dog! (Mickey Mouse reference, sorry not sorry. #momlife #disnerd)

I made some updates including a bio and a resources page.

Over the course of this blog, I will touch on several issues regarding infertility and mental health – specifically suicidal thoughts.

I felt it was important to discuss that I am very adamant about posting trigger warnings at the beginning of any and every post, should one be necessary. However, that being said – I have created a resources page for information and education regarding infertility, as well as resources for mental health and the Crisis Text Line. Feel free to browse that.

I also added a bio. Admittedly I’m TERRIBLE at introducing myself and that bad boy will be edited at least 65798046846 times (not a realistic number, but close). Feel free to ask any questions you’d like to know about me!

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